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Councilor Francisco “Boy” Ortigas Esteban

Francisco “Boy” Ortigas Esteban Councilor
Francisco “Boy” Ortigas Esteban
Address: 2/F Legislative Building
City Government Complex, Maysilo Circle
Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City 1550
Direct Line: 8534-0044
Local: 8532-5001 to 28 ext 628

Putting premiums on quality education and the pursuance of youth development through formal and non-formal education are two basic tools being harnessed by the Hon. Councilor Francisco Esteban. He is certain that these are the only way we can alleviate our status from poverty if not luck and inherited fortune.

Better known as “KUYA BOY” among peers and true-blooded Mandaleños, Councilor Esteban is a familiar face in the local legislative arena of the City Government of Mandaluyong. Tracing back his genealogical root, Mang Boy is the son of Benito Colayco Esteban and Magdalena Pantaleon Ortigas who both came from famous political and influential families of the land. He was regarded as one of the most prolific legislators of the city who capitalizes on the potential of human resources, youth development, quality and accessible education and other alternative learning experience system as his bases for making sound and significant laws in the community.

His credential as a city councilor is truly unprecedented having been in the service for multiple terms. His dynamic personality and fatherly approach in encouraging the youth to put importance on education has earned his stature as the “Kuya Boy” who cares and loves the youth and the ‘not so young’ sectors of the city.

“Kuya Boy” currently chairs the COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION and has been poignantly active in the pursuance of various activities and programs such as Free Education via Don Bosco Scholarship Program; Free Education via Manpower and Youth Development Center; Alternative Learning System; Special Classes for Mothers; and other Academic-related proficiency competitions for the youth.

The City of Mandaluyong is fortunate to have the man behind the pursuance of significant programs on education, more so, giving importance of what youth empowerment can bring to the development of the city.

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