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Alexandria “Queenie” Pahati Gonzales

Representative, City of Mandaluyong

Hon. Alexandria P. Gonzales is the Representative of the Lone District of the City of Mandaluyong in the 17th Congress. Affectionately called Ma'am Queenie by her constituents, Hon. Gonzales is a "first-timer" legislator. But she is no stranger to public service. As a broadcast journalist before her stint in public service, Ma'am Queenie saw first-hand the need for government to deliver its much-needed social services to the poor and marginalized, and the roles public leaders play to ensure that these services are carried out.

During the incumbency of her spouse, Neptali M. Gonzales II, as Mayor of the City of Mandaluyong, Ma'am Queenie headed the City Nutrition Council and worked closely with the Barangay Health Workers in addressing nutrition and health concerns of the city. Apart from this, she worked untiringly with the Green Ladies Movement in addressing women's development issues in Mandaluyong. Through her leadership, the Green Ladies Movement launched its multipurpose cooperative in order to provide women and other sectors access to credit and other micro-financing opportunities.

Upon her election as City Representative, Ma'am Queenie pursued her pledge to continue and intensify the various social service programs and projects started during the term of then Cong. Neptali M. Gonzales II. Programs such as assistance for education, health, finance, and medical needs under the DSWD's Protective Service Program continue to be implemented. With the cooperation of the Department of Health, assistance through the provision of guarantee letters for various medical and hospitalization needs continue to be extended to qualified beneficiaries. In addition to these, much-needed medical equipment for the Mandaluyong City Medical Center and all barangay health centers were procured and turned over.

As a result, too, of Ma'am Queenie's intercession with the Department of Health, all barangay health centers now have their own ambulances. Added to this is the continuing vaccination program of her office against Pneumonia (for senior citizens), anti-flu vaccines, and the anti-cervical cancer shots for our young girls.

In the area of education, Ma'am Queenie pursues the construction of additional school buildings for our public schools, as well as the provision of computers and other educational materials. Five (5) newly completed school buildings were recently inaugurated, namely: the 4-storey, 16-classroom of Mandaluyong High School, the 4-storey, 24-classroom of Hulo Integrated School, the 5-storey, 12-classroom of Felimon P. Javier Elementary School, the 4-storey 16-classroom of Jose Fabella Memorial School, and, the 4-storey, 28-classroom of Andres Bonifacio Integrated School.

Three (3) more school buildings are currently being constructed, namely: the additional 4-storey, 16-classroom of Mataas na Paaralang Nepatli A. Gonzales, and the two (2) the 4-storey, 12-classroom buildings for Jose Fabella Memorial School and the Andres Bonifacio Integrated School. At present, the creation of another integrated school to be named Senate President Neptali A. Gonzales Integrated School is being worked on in Congress. All these projects manifest her true commitment to the betterment of the education sector in her district. Lest we forget that all our schools now have their own service vehicles through her efforts as well.

Indeed, the City of Mandaluyong is fortunate to have public servants like Ma'am Queenie who holds the welfare and benefit of her constituents. Her commitment to public service and the people's welfare remains unwavering. The current construction of the 8-storey Mandaluyong City Jail is another proof that her brand of service knows no bounds. Her faith in God makes her believe that people's development should be holistic and that compassion and service go together.

Hon. Alexandria P. Gonzales is the only child of Mr. Ernesto and Mrs. Isabel Pahati, an engineer and a teacher, respectively. She is married to our former Congressman, Neptali M. Gonzales, with whom they have twin children, Neptali III and Isabel Candida. She earned her Journalism degree from the University of the Philippines in 2000.

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