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The City Council, officially called the Sangguniang Panlungsod, is Mandaluyong's legislative body. As such, it determines City policy through the enactment of laws (ordinances) and the adoption of resolutions.

As provided for under the Local Government Code, the Sanggunian may adopt regulations intended to promote the public welfare; generate revenue for development and delivery of basic services; control public expenditures; review barangay ordinances; and perform other legislative tasks as prescribed by law.

Every ordinance enacted by the Sanggunian is presented to the City Mayor for approval.

The Sanggunian meets in formal regular sessions once a week on Tuesdays at three o’clock (3:00) in the afternoon at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Session Hall on the 2nd floor of the City Legislative Building, City Hall Complex, Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong.

Special sessions may be called by the Mayor, the Vice-Mayor or by a majority of the Council when public interest so requires. All sessions are open to the public unless a closed-door session is affirmed by a majority of the members present for reasons of security, decency, or morality.

A quorum of one-half plus one of the total Sanggunian membership must be present to legally conduct a session. In the absence of a quorum, any member absent without justifiable cause may be compelled to attend. If there is no prospect of constituting a quorum, the session is adjourned.

Any citizen or organization may suggest proposals for legislative action. Proposals, in the form of Draft Resolutions or Draft Ordinances, are introduced to the Sanggunian through any Sanggunian member for sponsorship. Any proposal may be approved for inclusion in the agenda upon written petition of a majority of the members of the Sanggunian.

Before a proposal may finally be enacted, it shall undergo three readings in accordance with the Sanggunian's Internal Rules of Procedure. On first reading, the measure is referred to the appropriate committee for review and recommendation prior to action by the full Council in session. Substantive discussion of the issue is initially accomplished at the committee level.

As part of the review process, the committee may conduct public hearings; consult any involved City department; investigate, petition, deliberate, and take appropriate action as may be necessary to gather legal opinion and advice.

The proposal, with the committee's recommendation to pass, amend, or reject, is referred to the full Sanggunian in session for second reading, wherein the committee's endorsement is subjected, first to debate, and then to any amendments and appropriate motions.

After consideration of all matters taken up in previous sessions, the finished proposal is referred to the Sanggunian in session for third reading and final action, at which no debate or amendments are allowed, and wherein the members in session decide on the question of its passage. For a proposal to be approved, it must be affirmed by at least a majority of the Sanggunian members present.

If the Council votes to enact an ordinance, it must be presented to the Mayor who has ten days to sign approval, veto, or allow the ordinance to become effective without approval. Measures disapproved by the Chief Executive may be overridden by two thirds of the total Council membership.

Unless otherwise stated in the ordinance or resolution, the same shall take effect after ten (10) days from the date a copy thereof is posted in a bulletin board at the entrance of the City Hall of Mandaluyong, and in at least two (2) other conspicuous places within the City of Mandaluyong.

The Sanggunian Panlungsod designates committees to review and recommend appropriate action on matters referred to it. The Sanggunian may create ad hoc or special committees for special purposes, which shall cease to exist as soon as the performance of its function has been accomplished.

Committee meetings are open for the public to present their views, except during the final deliberations at which only the committee members may be present. Questions before a committee are decided through a vote, after which the committee submits its reports and recommendations to the Sanggunian.

Committees Chairman
Barangay Affairs LNB President Darwin A. Fernandez
Education, Arts And Culture Coun. Francisco O. Esteban
Environmental Protection and Technology and Urban Planning Coun. Cherry Lynn P. Santos
Health, Sanitation and Public Welfare Coun. Alexander C. Sta. Maria
Labor Employment, Civil Service and Manpower Development Coun. Brando P. Dominguez
Landed Estates Coun. Rodolfo M. Posadas
Laws, Rules and Human Rights Coun. Ayla V. Alim - Baldueza
Livelihood and Cooperatives and Marginalized Sectors Coun. Fernando S. Ocampo
Peace and Order, Public Safety and Fire Protection Coun. Luisito E. Espinosa
Public Works, Games and Amusements Coun. Roehl B. Bacar
Special Projects and Activities and Tourism Vice Mayor Antonio DLS. Suva
Trade, Commerce and Industry, and Appropriations and Ways and Means Coun. Charisse Marie Abalos-Vargas
Transportation, Communication and Telecommunication Services Coun. Jesus C. Cruz
Women and Children, Family Relations and Social Services Coun. Grace Marie V. Antonio
Youth and Sports Development SK FEd. Pres. Aerol Sedrick A. Mangaliag

City Councilors are elected to represent you and are ready to help with your concerns about the City. Their offices are readily accessible to the public.

If you or your organization want to know more about matters related to the Sangguniang Panlungsod, you may call the Sanggunian Secretariat at 534-1760 or 532-5001 to 28 Local 223 and 224. The weekly schedules of Council committee meetings are available upon request.

Some ideas on policy may be implemented without Sanggunian action, and you may contact a City Department directly for administrative action. Our City Hall Directory provides information on all City departments.

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