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City Planning and Development Department

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Website Privacy Policy

1. Name of the data processing system:

a. The GPDD (City Planning and Development Department) website serves as a platform for disseminating ordinances, plans, and profiles, all of which are monitored, recorded, and enforced by the department. Furthermore, it offers a self-assessment tool for evaluating green building initiatives. This tool enables users to assess their building projects with the green buitding ordinance measures of the City of Mandaluyong. The CPDD website also features a feedback page where users may address their concerns pertaining to the CPDD services.

2. Personal Data Collected

a. The following personal information is collected from Green Building self-assessment, for the purposes of recording and identifying the key individuals for each building project.

i. For the Green Building

1. Full Name

2. Contact Number

3. Email

4. Username

5. Password

a. The following personal information is collected from the feedback webpage.

i. For the Feedback Webpage

1. Full Name

2. Address

3. Email

3. Purpose of Personal information Processing

a. The primary purpose of processing the foregoing personal information is to enable the CPDD to process the services offered by the CPDD website. The process for the Green Building Self-Assessment tool is pursuant to the documentary requirements of Ordinance No. 709, S-2018 An ordinance adopting version 2.0: The 2014 Green Building Regulations of Mandaluyong City. The process for the feedback page is to provide the users with a chance to voice their concerns, suggestions and needs to improve their user experience in the CPDD website and the CPDD's services

4. Basis of Processing:

a. The Green Building Self-Assessment processes personal information pursuant to Green Building's mandate under the Ordinance No. 709, S-2018 An ordinance adopting version 2.0: The 2014 Green Building Regutations of Mandaluyong City

5. How data is collected

a. The CPDD collects personal information through the official website of the CPDD. The data is collected using forms for the user to use for inputs in the CPDD website.

b. All data containing the personal information of the individual applicant of the Green Building Setf-Assessment tool are directly processed, cottected, and stored through the Green Building Self-Assessment tool managed by the CPDD.

c. All data containing the personal information of the individuat submitting a feedback is directly processed, collected and stored through the feedback page of the CPDD website managed by the CPDD

6. How data is used

a. The Green Building Self-Assessment Tool possesses personal information pursuant to the documentary requirements of the Ordinance No. 709, S-2018 An ordinance adopting version 2.0: The 2014 Green Building Regulations of Mandaluyong City

i. Create an official Green Building Applicant Account

ii. Process the Green Building Setf-Assessment tool.

b. The CPDD feed back webpage possesses personal information for providing concerns and or suggestions for the CPDD website and CPDD's services.

i. Process the feedback provided by the user.

c. The CPDD will not share and disclose personal information with any third party, except as may be necessary for the proper execution of processes retated to the declared purpose, or as may be required or authorized under the law.

7. Risks Involved

a. The CPDD recognizes the risks involved in the processing of personal information, such as violation of the confidentiality, integrity and accessibitity of personal information and undertakes to process adequate, and not excessive, personal information in relation to the dectared purpose. Personal information will only be processed in accordance with the DPA and adequate security measures shall be implemented to avoid the aforementioned risks.

8. How data is protected

a. The CPDD safeguards the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal information physically and/or etectronically by maintaining a combination of organizational, physical, and technical security measures based on accepted data privacy and information security standards such as on access control, acceptable use, firewall, etc.

9. How data is Stored, Retained and Disposed

a. The CPDD will store your personal information in third-party data storage providers (cloud storage), we shall ensure that proper measures are adopted to protect your information. Personal data shall be stored in the database for 5 years from last activity, extendible as the need arises. Once data has served its purpose, it shall be forwarded for archiving for 10 years in a secured physical drive before being completety disposed of and destroyed by anonymization or any other secure matter.

10. Changes to the Privacy Notice

a. The CPDD reserves the right to update or revise this privacy notice at any time and will provide a new privacy notice whenever there are substantial changes. Previous versions of this privacy notice are retained by the CPDD and shall be provided to data subjects upon request.

11. Rights of the Data Subjects

a. Under the Data Privacy Act, you have the right to be informed and ask for a copy of any personal information we hotd about you, as well as to dispute and have it corrected in case of inaccuracy or error in our records. You also have the right to suspend, withdraw or orderthe blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal information. You may claim compensation if you suffered damages due to inaccurate, incomptete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of personal information, considering any viotation of your rights and freedoms as data subject. lf you feel that your personal information has been misused, maliciously disclosed, or improperty disposed, or that any of your data privacy rights have been violated, you have a right to file a complaint with the NPC. You also have the right to have your data in an electronic format. Should you wish to exercise these rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer through any of the details provided below.

12. How to file a complaint

a. lf there is a complaint regarding the processing of personal information, please contact the Data Protection Officer tisted below. lt is the right of the Data subject to lodge a complaint with the National Privacy Commission to protect its personal information.

13. Data Protection Officer Contact Details

a. lf you have any questions regarding the CPDD Website, please send an email to:

You may get in touch with the National Privacy Commission through our Data Protection Officerwith the contact details below:


Tel. no:____________



Date of Effectivity:__________