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City Public Information Office

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Information that are included in accomplishing the FOI application and Feedback Management Forms:

Public Information Department


a. Data Set being cottected through prescribed form and for the purpose of other support documents

i. Name

ii. Signature

iii. Home/Company/OfficeAddress

iv. Contact Number

v. Email Address

vi. Government ID containing the photograph and the signature (principal and authorized representative)

vii. Sufficient proof of authority or affitiation - if the requesting party is a natural person who is a member, employee, affitiated with or related to a juridical entity, company or organization, and the request is made not on behalf of such juridical entity, company or organization but arises from such membership, affitiation or retation. (FOl Manual Article V, Section 18, c)

viii. Under oath /proof of affiliation; and/or certification of the accreditation of the organization/s as a legitimate media practitioner - if the requesting party is a member of the media.

ix. School Registration (if no valid Government ID and latest school IDs are available if the requesting parties are students)

x. Certification/proof of affiliation from appropriate academic officials attesting to the:

(a) enrollment of the requesting party lies,

(b) the necessity for the information requirement

(c) the necessity for the information sought. (if the requested data/documents are complex)


a. Data Set being collected through a prescribed form (but are optional)

i. Name

ii. Contact Number

iii. Email Address

iv. Comments

Sample Forms: