Chief, Traffic and Parking Management Office

Alex Santos

Address: BOC Parking Building
City Government Complex, Maysilo Circle
Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City 1550
Direct Line: 8532-5347 / 8533-8511
Local: 532-5001 local 619 / 620

The office is solely vested with the power to enforce and implement the Traffic Ordinance and related Ordinances and other traffic management plans and programs.

It functions mainly as the Redemption Office of Ordinance Violation Receipts issued by the traffic enforces and other enforcement units. It also has administrative supervision overall enforcers of the different operation units – ASTF, ASEU, TRO, TEG and ASBU – and imposes disciplinary sanctions for improper or irregular apprehensions of enforcers.

Finally, the TPMO also has special operational function to combat colorum vehicles and other ordinance violations of public utility drivers and transport groups.