Power Supply

Existing Facilities and Equipment

Power services in the city are provided by the Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO) through six (6) 115 KV sub-transmission systems: the Mandaluyong substation and SM-Shangrila Substation, both located within the city; and the Pandacan, Rockwell, Sta. Ana and Meralco Substations. Electricity is distributed to the users through 34.5 KV Distribution System and 6.24 KV Distribution System (Map 60), the latter serving portions of Brgy. Addition Hills north of Shaw Boulevard and certain areas on the western part of the city.

Status of Electrification

Existing distribution system covers the entire city. As of year 2000 there are a total of 55,442 connections consisting of residential, commercial, industrial and streetlighting facilities, with an average energy consumption of 58,879,700 KWH per month or a total of 529,917,303 KWH for the year (Table 6.06). About 16.22% of the households remain unserved most probably due to their economic status and location in depressed areas, though majority of households in these areas have already benefited from the Depressed Areas Electrification Program (DAEP) of MERALCO.

There is, however, a discrepancy between this data and the NSO Census 2000 report as the latter reveals 93.05% of the households use electricity as source of lighting (Table 6.07). Although illegal connection cannot be disregarded, such discrepancy can be partially justified by the 2000 NSO Census on Population which shows that some households actually dwell within commercial establishments and industrial compound.

Still illegal connections remain a major concern not only in its economic aspect but also in the environmental aspect as probable fire hazards and causes of accidental electrocution.

Ongoing Projects (2001-2005)

In anticipation of increased power requirements (Table 6.08) as a result of the intensification of land uses/activities, MERALCO has two Electric Capital Projects in the pipeline for implementation within the years 2001-2005 period as listed in Table 6.09.

The fourth power transformer at Rockwell substation, although designed to serve mostly the Makati area, will include construction of approximately 1.05 km long 34.5 KV three-phase overhead line along J.P. Rizal and Sheridan Streets. Also included is the reconductoring of approximately 0.30 km of existing 34.5 KV three-phase line along Sheridan Street.

The Pioneer substation, on the other hand, is intended to serve the anticipated bulk power requirement of the Mandaluyong Central Business District having an estimated ultimate load of 486 MVA. Service areas of these projects are also shown in Map 60.

Beyond the 5-year period as mentioned, another 115KV-34.5 KV substation is being proposed. This is to be located within the Welfareville Property, intended to serve the bulk power requirement of the planned development of said property into a high intensity mixed use commercial-residential area.

In addition, modernization of street lighting facilities is proposed to improve visibility of roads at night and at the same time replace existing dilapidated facilities.