Land Use Related Problems

It is evident that development of the city has been solely influenced by externalities such as market forces and development trends in other prime areas, not just in Metro Manila but in the entire country as well. With the newly implemented Land Use Plan, the city has started to put into order mechanisms that promote the general welfare of the people and the environment.

However, there are still problems such as:

  • A large portion of the city has a very high population density.
  • Presence of squatter settlements/urban blight.
  • There are consistent traffic choke areas. This condition worsens during heavy rains and flood.
  • Incompatible land uses co-existing in the same area wherein the lower intensity uses are exposed to additional environmental hazards caused by the neighboring higher intensity uses. This condition also results in unequal access to services most specifically road usage and water supply.

Map 10 illustrates the city’s Land Use Related Problems.