Rodolfo “Kuyog” Morales Posadas

2/F Legislative Building City Government Complex, Maysilo Circle Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City 1550
Direct Line:
8532-5001 to 28 ext 629


On his first term as one of Mandaluyong’s Councilor he is currently the Chairman of the Landed Estates Committee. He authored and sponsored pro-poor ordinances and resolutions especially in concerns like education, health, and housing.

The life of Rodolfo “Kuyog” Posadas is a story of success, triumph and victory. It is an inspiring story that reminds us that poverty and lack of education are not hindrances to served people.

Started as a mere jeepney and taxi driver that drives commuters safely to their destination now a city councilor that leads people to a harmonious and safer community. A dependable, trustworthy and always been people’s man.

Served 18 years as a Barangay Kagawad at Addition Hills earned him the people’s trust and have been elected as a Barangay Captain for 3 consecutive terms. He changed the barangay’s image to having unruly citizen and unsafe place to dwell to a place where anyone can safely reside. He held projects that transformed the appearance of the barangay. Some of which are the post light you can see along streets and darks alleys of the barangay.

During his term as Barangay Captain he established the 4K “Katahimikan, Kalinisan, Kaayusan, Katapatan” in public service. To improve the necessities of local situations, assemblies with community folks and their leaders are periodically conducted, wherein the true and real pulse of local folks are directly acknowledged. As a result, responses to their needs and concerns are responded. He regularly holds BRIGADA ESKWELA program and gives school supplies to kids before the start of school, DRY RATIONING for pregnant women. And to address the high cost of medicines, Kuyog Posadas established “BOTIKA SA BARANGAY”, a mini-pharmacy right at his Brgy. Hall office, wherein medicines and vitamins are given free and have benefited thousands of indigents. His desire to help alleviate the sad dilemma of his neighbors in Addition Hills due of the increasing incidence of fire, Kuyog Posadas purchased an Engine Fire truck and Ambulance to help abate and fight fires which has caused loss of countless lives and properties. The Fire truck managed by Addition Hills volunteer fire fighters are ready to respond to any emergency and need. He also constructed 14 multipurpose buildings, place drainage system per bloke, concrete pathway, water and electricity system are organized.

Truly a helper in nature he actively responds in times of calamity and gives a hand to those who are affected. A hands-on leader he is. You can see him on every project he holds. Approachable to all, he has his heart to serve the people, help the needy and be able to give assistance in Mandaleños. Kuyog Posadas advocacies and vision for the City of Mandaluyong is unwavering and consistent- that the welfare and benefit of his beloved City and its residents is his primary, principal and primordial consideration, priority and concern. As his slogan say ” Kasama mo sa lahat ng oras at panahon”.