Manda folks vs candidate’s bail bid

Saying they have always supported the local government’s anti-drugs campaign, concerned residents of Mandaluyong City expressed strong opposition against the petition of mayoral candidate Ernest Albert Buan to get temporary liberty after he was arrested by PDEA ( Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency ) agents in a buy-bust operation last January.

        “Keep him in jail where he would not be able to ply his trade,” said local residents who are closely following Buan’s case which is being prosecuted in a Pasig court.

        Buan was nabbed by PDEA last January near a Mcdonald’s branch in Tiendesitas. A chemist from PDEA testified that she found traces of illegal drugs on Buan’s urine sample.

        A PDEA agent, Intelligence Officer 2 Lorenzo Advincula, appeared before Judge Abraham Borreta of the Pasig Regional Trial Court Branch 154 for the prosecution’s presentation of evidence in connection with the petition for bail Buan had filed.

        Advincula said he served as “back-up arresting officer” of PDEA agent John jerme Almerino. He narrated the chronology of events during Buan’s arrest.

        advincula added that he saw Almerino, who posed as the buyer of cocaine, and Buan get inside Buan’s Rav 4 while an unnamed informed stood outside.

        Mandaluyong’s concerned residents cited the city’s officials for their strict campaign against drug abuse. “ He could pose a big problem to authorities and threat to our children if his continued detention is revoked, “ said the residents of Buan’s bail petition.

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