First barangay mobile app launched in Namayan, Mandaluyong City. Digitization of basic barangay services made possible through Namayan mobile app

Mandaluyong City’s Barangay Namayan is proud to launch its own  mobile application, the first barangay app in the country that aims to bring public services to its residents faster, more convenient, and safer. The launch of the 1Namayan mobile app was led by Mayor Ben Abalos along with Namayan Chairman Victor Emmanuel “Dondon” Francisco at the City Hall Executive Building this Saturday (September 17).

Mayor Abalos spearheaded the creation of the mobile app for barangays after seeing that there is still a need to speed up the delivery of public service at the barangay level with the ongoing pandemic. Consulting with barangay officials, Abalos chose Barangay Namayan as a pilot test area for the app since it already has an operational website ( and barangay residents identification card (BRIC) with debit card features which can be easily integrated to a digital service app.

The 1Namayan mobile app is free to download at the official website of the barangay

Other than making it easy for residents to avail of basic services of the barangay, Francisco explained the 1Namayan app also serves as a portal for reporting emergency situations, like request for ambulance and first aid, and filing of complaints, reporting  of accidents, altercations, and street crimes (gambling, drugs, etc) from residents with anonymity.

“The goal of developing a project such as this is because we have to embrace the new normal brought by this pandemic,” Mayor Abalos said. “Many people are using mobile phones now to conduct various transactions and it includes availing of government services.”

Mayor Abalos hopes that other barangays will be encouraged by the success of Barangay Namayan in digitizing their services to the public. “The Namayan app is localized and can be customized based on the needs of a particular barangay. Should other barangays develop a similar app, we’ll look into the commonalities of each and then create a new app that is fit for a citywide implementation and eventually make the delivery of the city government’s basic services faster and safer.”

“What we are also proud of this app is a team composed of Barangay Namayan residents are behind this whole project,” Abalos added. “The city is very proud and thankful for their dedication to serve our constituents using digital technology.”

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