City Assessor

Gener R. Sison

Address: G/F Left Wing Executive Building
City Government Complex, Maysilo Circle
Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City 1550
Direct Line: 8532-4440 /8535-2835
Local: 532-5001 local 505 / 506

The City Assessor is tasked with the enforcement of all laws governing the appraisal and assessment of real property for taxation purposes.

He takes charge of the Office of the City Assessor which maintains the identification, valuation and tax mapping information of all properties subject to assessment within the jurisdiction of the city.

The City Assessor is also responsible for the preparation of a schedule of fair market values of the different classes of real property in accordance with the Local Government Code. He has the authority to conduct physical surveys for verification purposes, and to recommend changes in assessment policies and procedures.