Mandaluyong City Mayor Benjamin Abalos, together with the City Cultural and Tourism Development Department, presented a historical heritage – a copy of a page from a book published in 1960 depicting a photo of the earliest municipal hall of Mandaluyong to the city council and employees in line with the celebration of the Philippine Councilors’ Week which is the highlight of the regular Monday Morning Program of the city.

The municipal hall was built in 1927 on what is now known as Rev. Gregorio Aglipay in Barangay Poblacion. It served as the office of Mayors Clemente Fernando, Isaac Lopez, Ponciano Enriquez, Pedro Cruz, Primo Guzman, and Bonifacio Javier before it was demolished in 1956 to give way to the construction of a new municipal hall on Maysilo Circle in Barangay Plainview.

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