Being at the heart of the Greater Metro Manila, Mandaluyong enjoys access to a complete array of national newspapers, tabloids and magazines of metro-wide, national and international circulations everyday.


The city produces its own yearly publication which chronicles the events, achievements, programs, and projects of the city mayor and the city council.

To maintain good governance, the city issues occasional newsletter to encourage people’s participation and involvement in resolving public issues, problems and other development needs.

Cable TV/TV

Mandaluyong is serviced by various cable television networks which include Destiny, Sky Cable, Home Cable and Sun Cable.


Two AM radio stations are actually based in the city, but city radio lovers enjoy a variety of choices for FM and AM stations based in the neighboring cities and municipalities. The two broadcast media networks are 94.7 DWLL on FM and 1098 KHZ DWAD on AM frequencies.

Postal Service

Computerized postal services are discharged by the Mandaluyong Central Post Office housed on a modern structure located within the City Hall compound. The service counters utilize the Postage Automatic Counter Services (PACS) Computers designed to expedite accurate mailing procedures. At present, seventy three (73) postal employees are serving the entire city. To facilitate delivery of incoming mails, service areas are clustered into around forty five (45) delivery beats, each manned by a letter carrier.

Mobile and Land-based Telephone Service

As we are in this technological age of fast-pace communication and ditigal images, there are also a variety of mobile and land-based telephone networks servicing the Mandaluyong area. For mobile telephone service, two major players are Smart Communications and Globe Telecoms. However, there are also a number of new players in the cellular industry like the Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular who enjoy citywide patronage.

For land-based communications, the following are the service providers:

  • Globelines
  • Digitel
  • Digitel
  • Islacom
  • Bayantel

Telegraph and Courier Services

With the presence of the electronic communication, telegram services have declined over the years. However, there are still a few who provide telegram services like the RCPI. Courier service companies provide an easy alternative to fast communication with their one-day delivery services, be it money transfers, plain written communications, and packages.

Electronic Communication

E-mails, Chat Rooms and Internet downloading have become so much a part of way of life for the modern city life. It is now the best way of connecting to anyone anywhere around the globe which guarantees almost instant response and interaction. The city for the year 2003 has recorded about 17 of these internet shops and stores randomly distributed in the city which provide e-mail, chat rooms and internet access to its customers.