Mayor Ben Abalos today announced that all city government employees with job order status will start to receive a monthly salary of P10,000 starting September 1, 2022.

Abalos said that he has talked with the City Council and the city budget department to raise the salary of job order employees. “I was saddened when I heard that we have job order employees who are still receiving something like P265 a day. They’re not just our street sweepers and traffic enforcers but also the employees reporting here at offices in the city hall.”

“They only receive such daily wage and have to commute to work and come in uniform so I didn’t want to force them to wear uniforms,” Abalos added. “That’s why I’m thankful to our City Council and budget department that we are able to come up with measures to raise the salaries of job order employees of the city.”

Mayor Abalos recognized that many of the city government’s job order employees are working at frontline services.

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